We are 8 cyclists and 1 driver. Get to know the team below.


Age: 47
Height: F600
Weight: 14stone 11
Bikes: Ridley Noah SL and a SL02 BMC

I’m the loud one who has sort of put this bunch of riders together.

I have been cycling for the last 10 years and this will be my second time doing the trip, the last was in 2014 heading north from Lands’ End. I have done numerous sportives and 12 Triathlons. Getting round is the achievement and I’ll do anything for a medal, a bit like Muttley, that well known dog.

I recently joined Ipswich bike club and regularly go out on a Saturday averaging about 40 miles a session with Sean (racing snake) and Steve (peppermint tea boy). Bit of a sports nut and will watch anything on a cold winters night. Thank god for Sky sports.


Age: 21 (Lying)
Height: F600 (Lying)
Weight: 13stone (Whopper of a lie)
Bike: Raleigh Trendsetter, 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears. Pink. (All true)

I made that fatal Friday mistake over a few beers when my ego got the better of me… I mentioned to Bill that I’d always fancied doing the JOGLE. By Monday Bill had organised 75% of the trip, leaving me with zero wriggle room!

I’m originally from Yorkshire and always enjoyed cycling and most sports. Moved to London in 1988. Love the odd ‘proper’ beer - so miss Yorkshire badly!

I’m well into the winter training, which consists of morning gym sessions and the odd dalliance on the bike at weekends! I suspect that the three club cyclists (Bill, Sean and Steve) will be the glue that holds us together - particularly over the Cairngorms.

To be able to raise money for these fantastic charities is a privilege. The people who run these organisations are truly remarkable.


Having done a few endurance events in the past I was looking for something else to challenge myself. I tried to enter the London Marathon a few times, but failed to successfully obtain a place in the ballot. But when it comes to running, I perhaps have to admit that I don’t really have the legs to do it.

Ive always enjoyed riding, often out with family on a few leisure rides and the odd commute to work. So when I was asked if would consider joining up to do the John O’Groats to Lands End…I quite surprised myself by saying yes.

Despite the early morning rides, the hills and more hills I have really enjoyed the time in the saddle. The peace and quiet is a big draw, but not to sure how much of that will be present on the ride…!

2017 is going to be a big year. Hit the magic 40 and what better way to look back with this with the 10 day journey under my belt as well. Going to miss my very understanding wife, and kids - who are under strict instructions to have a pasty and a pint ready for I cross the line. But 10 days away raising money for some fantastic charities will be a small price to pay knowing that we are helping those not so lucky in life.


As a late arrival into the Knights team I’m still getting my head round a 1,200 mile bike ride. I’m the youngest member, just, at 39! So there is really no excuses for me not to be fit and ready for this adventure of a lifetime. I’ve been cycling with Bill & Sean for a while now and we are all cycling mad, although Sean probably tops the table there.

I live in Ipswich with my wife and son. I drink a lot of peppermint tea and eat a lot of bananas and chicken drumsticks. I could explain why, but its a long and boring explanation. As its getting towards winter right now I’m probably topping out at about 10 cups or peppermint tea a day. This doesn’t come easy, it takes training and commitment to get to that level of tea drinking. Apart from going on bike rides I also love watching the pro peloton race usually via Eurosport, hour after hour of not much happening is strangely relaxing. When I’m not working and cycling I love a good box set or strumming my guitar.

My current winter training regime for JOGLE is a bit adhoc. I try to do 1 or 2 spin classes at the gym each week. I like being shouted at whilst listening to Little Mix. I try and brave the cold with a mid week ride with the boys and a Saturday morning club ride when I can make it. But to be honest I’m a fair weather cyclist so not a big fan of winter training.


Keith (Chappers) Chapman
Age 55
The Driver

Not one for cycling (unless it has an engine) physical disabilities won’t allow me to do either now. Being able to take part in this project without having to ride it is a bonus.

I am First Lieutenant at Chelmsford Sea Cadets and engaged to Ruth and due to marry in 2018. At the sea cadets I teach navigation, boating, and other life skills to our young people.

I’m an ex long distance lorry driver so doing the distance to me will be like taking a busman’s holiday, I am honoured to be able to take part in some way in this challenge.

We all volunteer for different reasons, for me it is watching the kids learn and become Confident young people.

When you see the kids achieve a task, the beaming smiles on their faces is more than enough payment.


So there was I minding my own business, juggling various balls at work when Bill appeared and started to wax lyrical about his next venture - the “JOGLE” cycle ride. He must have caught me at a point of extreme weakness. That or the fact that I was fast approaching a mid life crisis and on the cusp of my 50th. 20 mins later he had me signed up to the 12 day, 1200 mile enduro.

I like to think that when I commit to something, I stand a fair chance of succeeding.

I am not a member of any cycle club but have done a few longish distance rides and other events before, but nothing quite on this scale. A few months on from that first, impromptu discussion with Bill and the regular gym and fitness sessions and occasional long rides have got me into a training rhythm that will hopefully edge me nearer to the fitness required for next May.

We will certainly need to get our heads down and grind out the miles. In addition to the sense of achievement we will feel when we hit the Cornish coast, I am really looking forward to the company of my fellow riders and the opportunity to raise a few pounds for great causes.

I hope I get a chance to see and experience the scenery that the route will offer. It certainly looks beautiful on the internet…

I would like to thanks Jo and Lily in advance both for allowing me to slip away for this adventure and for enduring the sight of a rather large man in Lycra without passing on too many comments.


Michael FitzGibbon, a.k.a. “Fitz”.
6’4” and 18st. does not a cyclist make!
Rides any of the following- Ribble Evo Pro Carbon, Cannondale CaadX, Genesis Core 20 or Orange P7

Brought into the fold by Mike. Took up cycling after rugby as it’s the only thing his joints don’t moan about. Don’t think it’s helped my neck though.

Doing the JOGLE to tick it off the cycling bucket list.

No cycling racing pedigree but a love / hate relationship with endurance events, including:-

  • London to Land’s End (on a mountain bike)
  • The East Anglian coast (on a mountain bike again)
  • The South Downs Way (legitimately on a mountain bike this time)
  • London to Paris
  • London to Amsterdam

[Editors Note: that is clearly a cycling pedigree!]

Does the occasional sportive and arranges trips for friends / colleagues with the assistance of his local bike shop, Paddock Cycles, Bishop’s Stortford.

Can deal with most types of weather but really hates getting wet.

Can be found most Sundays at The Blue Egg, Great Bardfield field-testing their cakes, rigorously, with his pet ginger pit-bull called Phil! Keeps mileage up by commuting most days.


Eyes: Greeny Brown
Star sign: Leo
Bike: Bianchi
Groupo/Wheelset: Campagnolo

Raconteur, man about town and one time Tour de France race marshal, Sean has spent the last few years fashioning his hair in the style of the late Marco Pantani in an attempt to improve his climbing ability.

A native of Ipswich, when not cycling, watching cycling or thinking about watching cycling, Sean likes to take long walks across the beach with his sweetheart Jennie.

Former member of parliament for the rotten borough of Old Sarum, Sean has been accused of illeism and of “embellishing” his profile. Accusations he refutes.