Many people find January to be a cold, dark month after all the fun of Christmas but for London’s homeless and marginalised it can be a particularly hard time of year.

As the temperature drops volunteer services such as the Whitechapel Mission provide vital help to many who would have no where else to turn. Something as simple as a hot meal can make all the difference to how someone views their day.

Baggy, Mike and Bill have been putting in time to help out with Mission’s breakfast duties serving over 300 people.

Bill, Baggy and Mike

What does that entail? Well for starters it means getting to the Mission in the middle of the night and cooking over 600 fried eggs and, in particular, providing tea with 5 sugars to one toothless but beaming chap. All this and then heading of to the day job.

Well done guys, you’re doing us all proud …and the shirts are looking pretty good too.

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