All the money we're raising is going directly to 3 nominated charities. Please click on the logos below to donate to your preferred charity. Whitechapel Mission serves the homeless and marginalised in Whitechapel, London. No second night out is committed to ending rough sleeping in London. The Sea Cadets are the UK's oldest nautical youth charity.

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How's the training going?


A big thanks to our kind sponsors for all their support!


  • 17-05-17: John O'Groats to Tain Distance: 86mi (138Km). Elevation: 3,869ft (1,179m)
  • 18-05-17: Tain to Ballater Distance: 125mi (201Km). Elevation: 7,035ft (2,144m)
  • 19-05-17: Ballater to Kirkcaldy Distance: 100.9mil (162Km). Elevation: 5,515ft (1,680m)
  • 20-05-17: Kirkaldy to Alnwick Distance: 115.8mi (186Km). Elevation: 6,310ft (1,923m)
  • 21-05-17: Alnwick to Whitby Distance: 115.7mi (186Km). Elevation: 4,172ft (1,271m)
  • 22-05-17: Whitby to Lincoln Distance: 116.7mi (188Km). Elevation: 3,159ft (962m)
  • 23-05-17: Lincoln to Milton Keynes Distance: 104.9mi (168Km). Elevation: 3,063ft (933m)
  • 24-05-17: Milton Keynes to Swindon Distance: 75.8mi (120Km). Elevation: 2,197ft (670m)
  • 25-05-17: Swindon to Taunton Distance: 111.8mi (180Km). Elevation: 3,822ft (1,615m)
  • 26-05-17: Taunton to Plymouth Distance: 75.4mi (121Km). Elevation: 5,965ft (1,818m)
  • 27-05-17: Plymouth to Lands End Distance: 93.1mi (149Km). Elevation: 7,726ft (2,355m)

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    We are 8 cyclists and 1 driver.

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