On The Road

Today is the big transfer up to Scotland.

Having loaded the minibus up last night, we left promptly at 4.15am.

Now I know most of the chaps are “morning people” but getting up at 3.30am is not in my usual work day.

Still it’s great to be on the road and the dawn light looked beautiful. The whole adventure is suddenly getting quite real.

I have to say the scenery on the drive bodes well for the ride south.

view from the bus view from the bus view from the bus view from the bus

Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

By 13.00 we’d reached Glasgow and had been trying to contact our B&B for a couple of hours with no success.

Suddenly, a bombshell dropped; a text came through from the B&B saying that they’d just double booked our rooms and we’d have to sleep elsewhere.

Now, with an estimated 15 hour total drive time up to Wick and a 99.8 mile ride tomorrow, this was going to be serious.

A quick panic ring around and we got through to the lovely people at Mackays Hotel in Wick who both able to put us up at short notice. Now Mackays is quite an upmarket establishment and normally not somewhere that a group of charity riders on a budget could stay. We own a huge thank you to everyone at Mackays for help us out of a scrap.

Our First Night On The Town.

Steaks, burgers …not much beer and an early night.

Tomorrow is going to be all about getting the legs moving after the drive. Mostly flat(ish) with a couple of big steep hills chucked in the middle to liven things up.

A personal note

This trip has given me a chance to pay my respects to my grandfather Ronald’s grave.

Ronald was an airman during World War 2 and was tragically killed at the age of 27 just out side of Wick. This was something I very much wanted to do, so thanks for everyone for waiting for me, cheers lads.