What time’s breakfast?

Them: We’re getting up at 6.30.

Me: OK, definitely 6.30?

Them: Yes, definitely. Be ready.

Me: OK.

5.30 Door bursts open, accompanied by a tinny whistle playing Geordie fish related folk music.

Followed by my sleep deprived bewilderment.

Closely followed by the sound of senior members of the Metropolitan Police service giggling at my confusion.

There is video evidence which will be making the rounds shortly.

The big off

Sometime after coffee had washed away any rude awakenings we left Wick for John O’Groats.

Suddenly this was all real (that feeling seems to crop up a lot lately).

A quick couple of photos, straighten the handle bars and pump the tyres; we’re off!

The nicest drivers

Lorry slows to let us pass on a narrow road. Window winds down. Out comes a thumbs up. Followed by a “Go on lads! Nice to be you eh?!”

This sort of thing happened over and over. The generally high standard of driving and overtaking makes me think that Scotland has some of the world’s nicest drivers. :)

The first proper hills

The first 40 miles of the ride were pretty flat but cycling into a direct headwind. Not too bad.

The first proper hills made a bit of a change, I like hills.

Climbing was (very) briefly up to 30% with averages between 7-14%.

We all made it up. :)

Descending on fast wide roads is also great fun with only the headwind to rub a bit of the shine off things.

The life saver

Keith deserves special mention again. He’s been putting in massive amounts of miles to make sure we get decent food at regular intervals.

There’s nothing like rounding a corner after a big climb to see the van parked up and a picnic table set up and spread with caloric goodies.

Right, I’m off to bed behind a locked door with ear plugs in.

See you all tomorrow.

ps. Our Instagram feed on the home page is full of incriminating evidence if you want to see some picies.

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