The perfect host

Inchgeal Guest House, Ballater and a great breakfast from Diane saw us move off onto yet another 100miler today.It was a shame to leave such a welcoming residence. not only was it a warm welcome, we were able use their garage Diane was very, very accommodating in also doing our laundry. the breakfast was to die for and really set us up for the days pedalling ahead. and boy was their some pedalling to do.

Tea and Medals

Following on from yesterdays excursions in the Cairngormes some of the Knights felt they had cracked it, complacency had set in and celebrated accordingly the night before. However, looks can be deceiving. the route before us looked one of rolling hills and nice decsent. however, the climb to the Glenshee Ski Centre was a rude awakening. There was a need for an emergency magic sponge and physiotherapy, a use of the Lodge’s facilities - with some haste and the sight of Keith around the corner made for welcome relief. stretched

What goes up, up, and up again - must come down and up

from the mornings briefing we expected just the one major climb of the day, cucumber sandwiches, smoking jackets and downhill all the way to Kilkaldy. But…what goes up doesn’t come down straightaway. we found ourselves on a rollercoaster, one of the group breaking what seemed like the land speed record - Sean. and the rest of ever reliant on our brakes on the way down. We did however pass Balmoral Castle, Braemer village and through the Bridge of Cally.

We may also be stood accused of turning the River Dee to a nice shade of fluorescent orange/purple stemming from the continued over reliance of (out dated) sports drinks. toilet stop

The unsung hero of the day

Keith, our trusted 8th wheel not only being in the right place, with words of encourage and a fist full of snacks but sourcing a new wheel and cleets. And phoning ahead to the nights accommodation to make for a nice welcoming party - to ease the pain of the days ride. Thanks Keith…

And to conclude.

The days climbs didn’t finish there. A lovely gentle cruise through Perth, through a beautiful golf course and welcoming hellos from the the local residents did not make the numerous massive climbs we found ourselves having to face. We did make for a nice distraction to some of the local cow population when we stood for a breather. But if we heard the phrase that this was the last climb of the day, we had heard this a number of times already. Bit chilly up on high….but we did finally DESCEND into Kirkcaldy. We were met with the proprietor of the B and B we were staying in - a lovely warm welcome and as we were the only residents, had the run of the place.

In all a very well drilled group ride, overseen by our days captain - Baggy. A short ride tomorrow.

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