Learning New Tricks

Following a pretty dreary night, the proficient cyclists gave a lesson to the fatties in how to power up lesser climbs. This meant the run into Alnwick was uneventful and passed quickly.

The early morning exertions had a detrimental effect on Baggie. Coupled with a little over-indulgence the previous evening, the only part of Alnwick he saw was the public toilets.

After the previous evening, the route was altered slightly and followed the A1068, near the Northumberland coast. This was a, sometimes, busy A road, so the team had to keep things single file. Such roads can be boring and, or, dangerous so there was little talking and this may have signified things to come later in the day.

Maintaining a southerly route the group rolled through towns and villages into Newcastle for a lunchtime stop, just off the city centre. There was some, er, modelling photography being done next to the lunch stop that kept the chaps entertained over their break.

The Cycling Doldrums

After the lunchtime stop, the group departed Newcastle, continuing south through Gateshead and other towns and villages.

With the greatest of respect to the north-east, these aren’t the most inspiring of towns and you could sense the apathy creeping in.

This isn’t unusual in endurance events and dealing with it is the measure of how a team gets through such low points. Although easier cycling, long flat spells can simply add to low esteem. Eventually, short of their target of Northallerton, albeit by only 5 miles or so, the riders called it a day, next to a field that resembled a World War 1 battlefield.

The accommodation, as a result of the route change was a minibus ride away, in Glaisdale in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. But oh, what a location!

A bunk-house on the side of a valley, bathed in sunshine, and with Emma, the host, putting out logs for the fire-pit we could sit around and talk of the day’s events.

A hearty dinner was enjoyed by all, cooked by Bill, then the team debriefed the day. It was to prove to be a decisive moment in the trip…

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