Morning Lows

The morning depart was a hard one as we had to say good bye to the one of the team over breakfast at the less than salubrious YHA Milton Keynes Bill, medically retired from the ride wished us well as we made our final checks of ourselves and the bikes that morning.

A very difficult good bye from both points – Bill, not a person to admit defeat, I can only imagine was not in total agreement to the advice and proved to be a very difficult decision for him. In addition, it proved to be a hard good bye from those still taking part as Bill was the sole person responsible for getting us all together and was to be sorely missed throughout the remainder of this epic adventure.

However, the remainder of the ride proved to be a bit quieter!

Midday was OK

More flat riding and negotiating cycle lanes on the way out of Milton Keynes was too come.

The beautiful surroundings of the country side through to the Cotswolds made for a much nicer back drop in what can only be described as Sahara like conditions. The weather had so far been great, but as we headed along the south west corridor it seems to heat up even more.

Sun cream was in plentiful supply, so to the water and please don’t mention the Lucozade – which by now was proving difficult to face.

Two of the crew, Mike and Fitz had the added incentive of a home cooked meal and good night’s rest to look forward to – and not to be out done, the rest of us were promised the welcome opportunity of getting some kit washed and replenishment of dwindling cake supplies.

A big thank you to Mike’s mum !

Mike and his Mum

Evening Highs

As we neared the end, I must admit I was not looking forward to another stay care of the Youth Hostel Association.

However, when we arrived I could only described it as a Palace. The three rooms on offer were split between the five of us needing them.

Beds were comfy, sheets clean and even the wet room toilet/shower was a welcome sight.

A brief liquid replenishment was undertaken and followed by carb loading. (2 pints of San Migeul and pasta/meatballs for me) made for a very happy and tired Dave and I had the best night sleep so far.

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