Good bye to Cirencester

Cerencester was lovely. Great YHA hostel, great weather and a good Italian meal to recharge the batteries. Special thanks to Mrs Hamer various cakes and laundry.

A tale of two cities; Bristol

Great ride in on segregated cycle paths. Wizzing through tunnels on ribbons of perfectly smooth tarmac. This is how transport cycling should be.

Bristol is a cool city. The old docks area was full of trendy types sipping flat whites and completely at ease with a group of sweaty herberts in Lycra wafting through their midsts.

Leaving Bristol, however, was a different story. We ended up crossing some very busy roads. All in all a somewhat hairy. Not exactly a stress free experience. We all got through with no issues though, so all’s well that end’s well.

More glorious sunshine

The weather was fantastic. Very hot and not much wind.

I think everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine except for any nitwits that had gotten so sunburnt on the first day that they were forced to wear arm and leg warmers to protect their damaged limbs (count 1: your’s truly).

The last hill

Not much else happened on the rest of the trip as we were mostly just slogging along unpleasant flattish A-roads. Can’t chat because of the noise and being single file. Sometimes you have to just get the ride done in the knowledge that it’ll get better latter.

Moving on, once we got off the A-roads we just had a couple of big climbs left to do before getting to our evening stay.

Anyone who knows the Wimbleball Lake hills will know that they’re are some proper slopes there.

Anyone who knows the Wimbleball Lake hills will know that they’re are some proper slopes there.

Climb of the day was probably Elworthy Hill. At 1.2 miles long and with an average gradient 10% and a maximum gradient somewhere around 22% it’s not to be taken lightly.

Where’s the camping barn? The actual last hill

So after the big climb we were all looking forward to coasting along to our final destination.

Sigh, you know this going don’t you? If not please refer to earlier entries. :)

The route loaded on our GPS didn’t match the location of the camping barn, which is not surprising as it’s not listed on Google Maps either.

So after knocking on a few doors we were directed up yet another large hill. (15% max, I think). Lined with trees and strewn with gravel. No rest for the righteous.

When we found our accommodation it was down a long gravel covered hill. Dicey stuff on skinny road bike tyres.

Tired but undaunted the Knights roll on.

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