The siren call of the velodrome searches out many of world’s greatest and most heroic athletes including those of the Cycling Knights.

So one cold and foggy morning in December three of our intrepid band set out for the Lee Valley Velopark to carve their names in the annals of Olympic history… probably.

The biggest challenge for seasoned roadies such as ourselves is getting used to the fixed wheel track bikes. It’s always surprising just how strange it is not being able to freewheel.

Despite each us claiming to not be keen on heights we seemed to get over the “crikey, it’s a bit steeper than in looks on the telly” moment pretty well and make decent progress around the track.

Once we’d warmed up it was time to take on track etiquette which seems to mostly consist of shouting “stay” at the person you’re overtaking whilst remembering check over your shoulder before pulling out so you don’t Cavendish the person overtaking you.

The grand finale of our taster session was each having the chance to record a timed flying lap around the velodrome.

Each flying lap starts with a warm up lap allowing the use of the banking to accelerate towards the start line.

Though many political commentators have been surprised he wasn’t included in the New Year’s Honours list Baggy was, never the less, the recorder of the fastest flying lap time by a member of the Cycling Knights ever!

As magnanimous in victory as he is graceful around the boards, like a latter day Chris Hoy, Baggy has so far refused all loud calls for a rematch on the grounds of “how can you top perfection”.

We’d like to thank our partners and families without who’s patience these greatest of sporting achievements would not be possible (…well at the very least we wouldn’t have these cool photos!)